The aesthetic impression of a woman is frequently tied to the details and sophistication of the particulars. This is why accessories play a fundamental role in embellishing our image to create “the perfect outfit”. Beyond shoes, purses and perfumes, which are the heart of our collection…

… we also have a variety of accessories such as jewellery and scarves which are an important product at Boutique Daniele Giovani Milano. You can find accessories to create the best match and brand new style combinations. Each woman has the possibility to enhance and embellish her image using accessories as a natural extension of herself.

Accessories like scarves and jewellery can add the perfect touch of luminosity or colour and they are an important factor in creating a look that is aligned with our personal tastes and way of interpreting the world. Selected with the intention of being able to satisfy any sort of customer preference, most of the scarves at the Boutique are the prestigious

Luisa Brini brand made in the manufacturing district in Prato. The jewellery chosen from the best creations by is modern and at times even ironic. All of our accessories are rigorously Made in Italy and they are perfect for intuitive women who are looking to create a personal style that exalts their personal aesthetic sense.