Bags are the perfect symbol of the expression of each woman. They are an accessory that represents the world and individual thoughts and they come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and types. Bags are definitely an accessory that reflects personality and character.

We pay special attention to bags because they are an absolutely fundamental accessory. All of the bags at Boutique Daniele Giovani Milano are the result of a long and passionate search aimed at ensuring customers a balanced blend of the most modern design and distinctly Italian workmanship.

The result is a vast range of choices with a common denominator: the extraordinary quality of the materials, the perfect finishing and the fact that they are made in Italy. Materials include the best leather, refined fabrics and innovative materials.

The bags also have the highest level of precision and detail including the interior finish, the closures, the practicality and the originality of the style. The bags are a product of the dedication and care that have made Italian leatherworkers the best in the world for manufacturing processes and aesthetic refinement.

This is one reason, though you will discover others inside the Boutique, why the Daniele Giovani selection is the best for finding your bag: choose from the best lines of successful bag making companies – new ideas and true works of art.


The brands of bags we carry include: Caterina Lucchi, Cromia, Kartell, Orciani. We also have bags to match shoes by Greymer, Luciano Padovan and Vic Matié.