I believe that Italian products have an unmistakable blend of design sophistication, artisan tradition, innovative production techniques, a passion for trying out new things and a union between past and present.

That is why when I select accessories for the boutique, I exclusively choose Italian-made products which emphasise artisan skills and experimentation.

I believe that these characteristics can exist both in the products made by famous classic brands and in the work of emerging designers. They may seem like distant worlds but they are strongly tied to one another and I think that is important to highlight.


I believe that Italian production needs young strength, vitality and the spirit of initiative.

My aim is to contribute to and support what is truly Made in Italy and I seek to preserve the excellence that comes from the Italian Manufacturing Districts.

With my boutique I intend to “oppose” delocalisation and the transfer of manufacturing innovation investments outside Italy. This passionate and constant challenge is aimed at rendering the proper merit to the world’s appreciation of Italian products.


The Boutique mirrors the ideas expressed in the Philosophy on which it was founded.

Inside there are new and old materials, designer furnishings next to others from the eighteen hundreds, linear and elongated shapes contrasted by spherical ones.

Hand-wrought materials such as iron stand next to wood and glass made by artisans as well as modern materials like Plexiglass. The basic colours in the boutique are ivory and dove grey enlivened with red accents. It all gives shape to the blend of design and workmanship that is the foundation of the boutique’s philosophy giving rise to a welcoming and captivating atmosphere.