A truly distinct signature of our personality, perfumes are like an intangible piece of clothing for a woman who wants to transmit a precise image of herself to the world. They are the incarnation of an immaterial accessory that allows you to express your personality…

… and experience a singular sensorial journey.

Perfumes are like a calling card to be chosen and shaped on the basis of memories, experiences, emotions and desires.

At the Daniele Giovani Milano boutique, customers choose perfumes while enjoying a pleasant sensorial experience. Perfumes are “tasted” in special glasses that make it possible to clearly perceive even the most delicate and discreet undertones. This thoroughly enjoyable experience makes it possible to be more aware of the perfume choice that best suits your personality.

Alongside this olfactory “tasting” journey of perfumes you will be able to find information to help you choose perfectly inside this world that is dense with sensations and pleasant beauty. That makes it possible to satisfy any need tied to the search for a personal and unique scent.

All of our perfumes are the fruit of a careful ongoing search for Italian excellence in the artistic perfume market and they will give you unforgettable sensations – even for the most exigent. At the end of the journey you can try rare niche perfumes that allow you to distinguish yourself in a market that is increasingly saturated and less able to exalt new and original fragrances.

Our perfumes are absolutely not mainstream. They are produced by luxury designer perfumeries and they are exclusively Made in Italy. Our brands include: Antonio Alessandria, Nobile 1942 and oneofthose.