A big green heart was drawn on the lawns of BAM at the beginning of phase 2 to pay homage to Milan and its citizens for the commitment shown in the fight against the coronavirus.

Francesca Colombo, general and cultural director of BAM, says: “Every gesture counts, each person can make a difference: this heart is a gesture of love for Milan from BAM and its community made up of companies and individuals, the BAMFRIENDs, who they believe in the power of nature and in a new way of proposing culture “. These words represent a greeting and a wish for this beginning, which can only start from the heart!

90 thousand square meters of extension, the third public park in the center of Milan, BAM represents one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Europe. The green heart of the Porta Nuova skyline , BAM connects Piazza Gae Aulenti, the Isola district, via Melchiorre Gioia and Viale delle Varesine. It is characterized as a well-kept “middle ground”, open to all and not limited by fences, a green lung where you can “breathe”, have fun, do physical activity but also attend concerts and shows.

This large public garden has been given a name: Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano BAM, which immediately recalls its great botanical wealth. A library, in fact, which offers a very rich plant heritage with over 100 botanical species, 500 trees that make up 22 circular forests and 135,000 plants . An extraordinary collection, enriched by “botanical and poetic phrases” arranged on the paths that cross the park, create a unique chessboard of small green areas. Each sector has its own specific function. For the little ones there is the fully equipped play area , the kids area also accessible to children with disabilities and a spectacular dynamic fountain activated from May to September. For those who want to do physical training there is an equipped fitness area, while the relaxation area with wooden chaise-longue and soft lighting is dedicated to reading and relaxation. Educational gardens, aromatic fields and a picnic area with tables and benches can also be found in the Tree Library. There is also a bio-lake, which hosts aquatic plants and where the first dragonflies have already been sighted.


Ph: Gianmarco Grimaldi