How many times do we put off to a tomorrow that never comes what we should do today?

Everything is postponed to an elusive date in the future and the things we should sort out urgently or the fine phrases we should utter in opening our hearts are consigned to a vague limbo. 10 Good Intentions by annaBIBLO help to stop these ideas remaining just ideas and desires remaining just desires. In fact the 10 Good Intentions by annaBIBLO reach out to us precisely so that our desires bear fruit.

The10 Good Intentions of annaBIBLO are bracelets, for men and women, or small necklaces to which ironic charms are attached, on which are engraved phrases such as: “No more stress starting today”, “From today I am brilliant”, “Starting today the best is yet to come” and many others that put a positive spin on our plans.

When we realise that the time has come to do something beautiful and new that can renew our lives by eliminating what weighs us down, we can turn to the 10 Good Intentions bracelets by annaBIBLO: “An accessory born quite by chance over an aperitif among friends, going over a list of good intentions” is how the Milan brand describes them.

The creator of this lovely idea was Federica Campari, Anna’s daughter who grew up surrounded by all kinds of jewellery and who has created an object to be worn all the time. 10 Good Intentions by annaBIBLO are made of stainless steel and mounted on an elasticated band, they consist of small steel balls, plain or in multiple colours, from which hang 2 small medals: one engraved with a good intention and a smaller one with the iconic shape that represents it.

The materials, of excellent quality, are worked by skilled artisans to produce jewellery with a distinctive Made in Italy style which can be worn anytime and anywhere. The 10 Good Intentions by annaBIBLO have had such success that, starting from the original 10, they have become many more to offer a wide choice that will suit each and every person.