Bracelets of Good Intentions, AnnaBIBLO’s idea

How often do we put off until a tomorrow that never comes what should be done? Everything is postponed to an elusive distant future and a milky limbo takes over the things we should urgently fix or the beautiful phrases we should utter as we open our hearts. The 10 Good Intentions bracelets by annaBIBLO come to our aid to prevent ideas from remaining just ideas and wishes just wishes.

In fact, the 10 good intentions bracelet by annaBIBLO comes to our aid and extends a helping hand precisely so that our wishes can come to a fruitful conclusion.

The 10 good resolutions bracelets by annaBIBLO are accessories, (also available in the 10 good resolutions for men version), to which ironic charms are attached on which are engraved phrases such as: “From today I am ending stress”, “From today I am being good”, “From today the best is yet to come” and many others that help us to point out in a positive way what we should do.

When we realise that it is the ideal time to go for something beautiful and new that will help renew our lives by eliminating what weighs us down, we can turn to the 10 Good Intentions bracelets by annaBIBLO: “An accessory that came to life by chance during an aperitif with friends, going through the list of good intentions”.

So goes a note from the Milanese brand. The creator of the nice idea is Federica Campari, Anna’s daughter and therefore raised among all kinds of bijoux, who has created an object to always carry with her. The 10 Good Intentions bracelets by annaBIBLO are made of stainless steel and mounted on an elastic band. They are made up of small steel balls or of several colours from which hang two medals: one where the good intentions is engraved and a smaller one with the icon representing them.

The materials, of excellent quality, are processed by skilled craftsmen to produce jewellery with a Made in Italy style that can be worn anytime and anywhere.

The bracelet of good intentions by annaBIBLO has been so successful that, from the original 10, many more have been designed to offer a wide choice suitable for every person.