To Sicilian Antonio Alessandria, who was born in Catania in 1971, perfume is a passion that speaks of mystery, sensuality and seduction. With a scientific background in engineering he has been acutely passionate about the world of perfume which has fascinated him since he was young.

Today’s creations by Antonio Alessandria are the result of training and experience. He fine-tuned his interest with a developmental journey at Mouillettes and Co. in Italy and studies of composition and formulation at Cinquieme Sens in Paris. Later Antonio Alessandria specialised in the subject thanks to contact with recognised independent perfumers and he crowned his achievements by opening an artisanal perfumeryBoudoir 36, which is well-known in Catania and all over Sicily. Inaugurated at the end of 2005, the “salon” is now a little symbol of prestige for Sicilian and Italian perfumers where the author welcomes guests with skill and courtesy.

Antonio Alessandria began his line in 2008 and it is completely Made in Italy. The night star, which is the moon, is his major source of inspiration. The mystery of darkness in its hidden face and the white light that shines in the night dressing each shape in unusual likenesses are elements that have influenced Antonio Alessandria in the inspiration of his first and most famous perfumes.

Antonio Alessandria’s perfumes are excellent fragrances thanks to the careful choice of the best materials as well as the imagination and the creativity of their creator.

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