Antonio Alessandria perfumes, fragrances for a refined and classy woman

For the Sicilian Antonio Alessandria, born in Catania in 1971, perfume is a passion that speaks above all of mystery, sensuality and seduction. Trained as a scientist (he later graduated as an engineer), Antonio Alessandria delves with rigorous passion into the world of perfumes by which he has been fascinated since childhood.

Today’s results of Antonio Alessandria perfumery are the result of an educational and experiential progress of his interest, collimated with a development path with Mouillettes and Co. in Italy and with composition and formulation studies at Cinquieme Sens in Paris.

Subsequently, Antonio Alessandria perfumes deepened his knowledge through contact with established independent perfumers and crowned his desires by opening an artistic perfumery, Boudoir 36, renowned and appreciated in Catania and throughout Sicily. Inaugurated at the end of 2005, the ‘salon’ is now a small symbol of the prestige of Sicilian and Italian perfumery, where the creator welcomes visitors with the competence and courtesy he is known for.

In 2008, however, Profumeria Antonio Alessandria began his own totally Made in Italy production, of which the Moon is his main source of inspiration. The mystery of darkness in its hidden face, the white light that shines in the night and dresses every semblance with unusual shapes are the elements that influenced Antonio Alessandria in the inspiration of his first and most famous perfumes.

Antonio Alessandria perfumes are fragrances of excellence on the Italian scene thanks to a careful search for the best raw materials and the imagination and creativity of their creator.

Where to buy Antonio Marras perfumes in Milan

If you would like to find out more and test the collections of the Alessandria perfumery, you can come and visit us at the Daniele Giovani Milan Boutique or you can have a look at the “Buy online” section on the website and purchase from the comfort of your home.