It is the year 1946 when two Florentine leather craftsmen Mario Bianchi and Aldemaro Nardi open a small workshop in the central area of ​​Florence with the aim of producing bags made of fine leathers, such as crocodile, ostrich and lizard, following the most precious Made in Italy tradition Italy.

Subsequently, with the affirmation of the economic boom, Bianchi and Nardi moved their handbag production to Scandicci, which emerged as the fashion district. Here Bianchi and Nardi continue the development and innovation of their brand by adding cutting-edge technologies to the artisan tradition. Characteristic of the production are the choice of the finest leathers, rigorously Italian tanning and an almost obsessive care in the various stages of processing. The bags, checked several times during the construction phase, take shape in the skilled hands of craftsmen who carry out numerous operations by hand, including threading, a real embroidery on the bags that amazes and enchants and the painting of precious leathers in the designs exclusive to the brand.

The most precious machine of the Bianchi e Nardi factory is the one that performs the agatatura: the leather, after being prepared, is processed in contact with the agate which has the ability to make the crocodile leather bags of a splendor that enchants at first glance.

Three generations have succeeded each other in more than 70 years at the helm of the brand, making work with the skin a unique relationship capable of transforming simple ideas into precious creations. Exclusive techniques, all aimed at the pursuit of perfection, have been handed down within these generations with extreme confidentiality and many operations are secret.