Caterina Lucchi borse, the story of a successful entrepreneur

The Caterina Lucchi borse brand is today a symbol of design, production and marketing of totally Made in Italy bags and accessories. Caterina Lucchi borse’s creative journey began in 1986 in Cesena, Romagna, her homeland. She soon began handcrafting the first Caterina Lucchi bags, which stand out for their originality.

Today, Caterina Lucchi borse designs her models inspired by the contemporary woman, experimenting with materials and styles, mixing and blending them harmoniously in continuous research.

The style of Lucchi handbags is “retro” because Caterina loves styles that hark back to the past, that have retained the charm and flavour of things created by leather masters, that have the precision and perfection of bags made to last.

Lucchi borse are aimed at tenacious, passionate, feminine women with a strong personality and a clear idea of life. Caterina Lucchi handbags are for women who are not afraid of anything and who have an awareness of their role, women who want to look at and embrace the future with passion, with love and with joy.

Caterina Lucchi bags prices and online shop

If you are looking for Caterina Lucchi bags online, we recommend you take a look at our shop. Here you will find all the necessary information on all the products that Daniele Giovani Milano has selected for you. If instead you prefer to visit a shop, one of the most important retailers is Campomaggi Caterina Lucchi and Caterina Lucchi Cesena.