The Caterina Lucchi brand is a current symbol for the design, production and commercialisation of purses and accessories that are completely Made in Italy.  Caterina Lucchi’s creative journey began in 1986 in Cesena, in Romagna, where she is from. She began manually creating her first purses quite early and they were distinguished for their originality.

Today Caterina Lucchi’s designs are inspired by contemporary women incorporating an array of materials and styles mixed and blended harmonically in constant development.

The style is “retro” because Caterina Lucchi loves styles that speak of the past which have maintained their charm, the flavour of artisan leather mastery, and the perfect precision of purses made to last.

Caterina Lucchi’s creations are for tenacious, passionate women with femininity, a strong personality and a clear idea about life. They are made for women who are not afraid of anything and who know the part they play in life, women who want to see and embrace the future with passion, love and joy.

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