The story of the Fratelli Rossetti brand, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurs, began in 1953. The founders were Renzo Rossetti and his wife Lisetta who dedicated themselves to the production of shoes throughout their lives. Today, his sons Diego, Dario and Luca are running the company, giving new impetus to the Fratelli Rossetti brand, pursuing quality and based on a respect for tradition but also passion and a desire to innovate.

Diego was the first to join the family business, dealing with sales and brand development in foreign markets. Fratelli Rossetti was the first Italian brand to come to New York and sell their shoes on Madison Avenue. Today Diego is Chairman of the Fratelli Rossetti company.

Brother Dario, after training in the arts and courses in the Shoe Industry School, deals with styling. An art enthusiast, he loves to wander through exhibitions and markets full of character in search of new ideas to incorporate into new shoe collections.

The third brother, Luca, a graduate of the Bocconi University of Milan, is concerned with management of the company, the brand and marketing. With an eye on the ever-changing novelty of the world of fashion, he is always ready to spot new trends and introduce them into his shoes.

It’s not just the story of a company, rather it’s the story of a family: the founder, Renzo Rossetti and his wife Lisetta, were dedicated to the business for their whole lives. Diego joined the family business in 1978, dealing with sales, in particular the development of export markets and the expansion of the single-brand retail network in Italy and abroad.

Away from work, Diego pursues a keen interest in photography and devotes a great deal of time to charitable activities; he was directly involved in setting up a shelter for children in Nepal. Dario began working in the area of styling in 1981, a natural progression from his artistic education and courses at the Shoe Industry School. In the Nineties, even before graduating from Milan’s Bocconi University, Luca was already involved in the management side of the business, constantly striving to bring significant improvements to business processes. Today, in his capacity as Managing Director, he deals in particular with marketing and the development of shoe collections. He believes in ongoing training and innovation, essential to the fashion sector if it is to capitalise on new trends.

The Fratelli Rossetti brand respects tradition but keeps a weather eye on innovation and is open to continuous change.