Fratelli Rossetti shoes, history of a successful brand

The history of Fratelli Rossetti shoes, a beautiful story of Italian entrepreneurs, began in 1953. The founders of the Fratelli Rossetti shoe factory are Renzo Rossetti and his wife Lisetta, who have dedicated themselves to shoe production all their lives.

Today the company is run by their sons Diego, Dario and Luca who have given new impetus to the F.lli Rossetti footwear brand in the name of quality, sustained by respect for tradition but also by passion and the desire to innovate.

With Diego, who was the first to enter the family business by taking charge of the commercial sector and the development of the brand in foreign markets, Fratelli Rossetti was the first Italian brand to land in New York and sell their shoes on Madison Avenue. Today Diego is President of the Fratelli Rossetti brand.

His brother Dario, after an artistic training and shoemaking school courses, takes care of the design part of the Rossetti footwear brand. Passionate about art, he loves travelling around exhibitions and characteristic markets in search of new ideas to be included in the new f.lli Rossetti footwear collections.

The third brother, Luca, a graduate of Bocconi University in Milan, is in charge of the brand’s management control and marketing activities. Attentive to the continuous renewal that is inherent in the fashion industry, he is always ready to capture and introduce new trends in Fratelli Rossetti footwear. This is not just the story of a company, it is the story of a family: founders Renzo Rossetti and his wife, Mrs Lisetta, were dedicated to the business their whole lives.

Rossetti, brothers with a common goal

Diego joined the family business in 1978, taking charge of the commercial sector, in particular the development of foreign markets and the extension of the single-brand retail network in Italy and abroad. In his spare time, he devoted himself to photography and philanthropic activities, getting personally involved in the creation of a children’s home in Nepal.

Dario began working in the styling area in 1981, a natural outlet after his artistic training and courses at the shoemaking school. In the 1990s, even before graduating from Milan’s Bocconi University, Luca was immediately involved in management control, bringing about significant and continuous improvements in company processes.

Today he holds the position of Managing Director and is particularly involved in the marketing and development of Fratelli Rossetti footwear collections. He believes in continuous training and the renewal that the fashion industry needs to be able to capture new trends. The shoe brand f.lli Rossetti, while respecting tradition, is attentive to innovation and open to continuous change.

Where to buy Scarpe Rossetti

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