At the Maison Laferrière our boutique sells scarves, which represent a key element of the brand’s collections.

Laferrière is a Maison born as a French brand in 1869 and at that time it was an ancient fashion house, synonymous with French elegance and an international style icon. Today the brand and production are entirely Made in Italy but, today as yesterday, the same desire for perfection and innovation remains, the same determination to dictate trends. The scarves are unisex, they can be of different materials: 100% wool, wool and silk or wool and modal.

The production takes place in Ancona, while the style is done between Riccione and Forte dei Marmi. The Laferrière scarves produced today are innovative and modern. Laferrière presents itself as an avant-garde brand but custodian of the craftsmanship of Made in Italy, with careful attention to quality and details. Respect for the past seeks new ways to adapt to the present, mixing charm and avant-garde.

From a light-filled past, one can only move on to a glittering future. The vision of the reborn Maison offers a lifestyle of great charisma, more than a brand, an eclectic lifestyle, but which retains a touch of romanticism.

The new Laferrière was born from important collaborations and modern creative synergies.

The scarves collections are developed for both men and women and take care to create a perfect style, updated and attentive to the needs of modern life. Bold combinations, research materials, new shapes and craftsmanship give perfection to the new Maison Laferrière.

Turquoise is the color that characterizes the brand, a serene color, which communicates that healthy optimism that belongs to childhood.
In summary, Laferrière scarves mean refinement, charm, experimentation, innovation not separated from tradition.