Nando Muzi shoes, a Marche brand with international success

In 1963, in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Nando Muzi founded the shoe company of the same name, which gave rise to the brand. The intention of Nando Muzi shoes is to change women’s steps by making them more harmonious and elegant.

Creativity and craftsmanship are the basis of the brand, which is famous in the footwear district of the Marche region.

Slowly, his skill led to an evolution that made Nando Muzi one of the most famous companies in Italy.

Over the years, the brand grew considerably and spread to international markets where Nando Muzi shoes became very famous and appreciated. The basic qualities are inspiration and craftsmanship inextricably linked to show the quality of the shoes.

Since 2006, the creative baton has passed to his son Michele Muzi. Brought up in an environment where practice is associated with creativity, he immediately traced the way forward with the introduction of the platform and bright Swarovski decorations. “In my creations,” says the designer, “comfort and sex appeal walk in the same shoe, to reaffirm the Italian character of the product, communicate good taste and savoir faire”.

The heel is the distinctive element of the brand’s shoes, both Nando Muzi’s, who in the first collections launched the 5 cm heel, and Michele Muzi’s, who prefers the vertiginous heel.

The heel has always been moulded in clay, then passed into the hands of master shoemakers who sculpt and finish it down to the smallest detail, because it is the heel that determines the shape of the model.

Says Michele Muzi:’ I want to enhance femininity on all fronts, both in the aesthetic sense and in its interiority. For me, the goal is only achieved when a woman feels comfortable in one of my creations”.

Who are Nando Muzi’s shoes for? Undoubtedly to a strong, self-confident woman who, without falling victim to trends, builds her own style every day.

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