In 1963, in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Nando Muzi founded the shoe company that led to the brand, both using his name. Nando Muzi’s intention was to change the way women walked, making it more harmonious and elegant. Creativity and manufacturing skills were the foundation of the brand, a very famous name among shoe manufacturers in the Marche region. Bit by bit his skill made Nando Muzi one of the most famous companies in Italy.

Over the years, the brand has grown considerably and spread to international markets where Nando Muzi’s shoes have become world-renowned and much in demand. The shoes are created out of flair inextricably linked to craftsmanship, both evident in the quality of the shoes.

In 2006, his son Michele Muzi took on the creative role. Growing up in an environment where work was intimately associated with creativity, he immediately made his mark with the introduction of the plateau and bright Swarovski decorations.

“In my creations”, the designer says, “comfort and sex appeal are married in the same shoe, affirming the Italian nature of the product and demonstrating good taste and savoir faire”.

The heel is the distinctive element of the brand’s shoes, be they Nando Muzi’s who in the first collections launched the 2” heel, or Michele Muzi’s who favours the very highest heels.

The heel has always been shaped in clay, then passed into the hands of the master shoemakers who sculpt it and finish it down to the smallest details, because it is the heel that determines the shape of the shoe.

Michele Muzi says: ”I want to exalt femininity in all its aspects, both aesthetically and in its inner reality. I have hit the target when a woman feels at her ease in one of my creations”.
Who are Nando Muzi’s shoes for? Undoubtedly a strong and confident woman who, rather than being a fashion victim, creates her own style every day.