NO.NU, history of art bijoux in Milan

After prolonged experience in the worlds of fashion, make-up and image consultancy, designer Rajan Tolomei embarked on a new career as an entrepreneur in 2008, curating and designing his own line of accessories and clothing with ethnic bijoux

Thus began the realisation of a dream, in which the ideals of beauty matured during his long career in the industry are realised.

From the very first collection, it is clear that’s aim is to effectively integrate the creativity and style of Made in Italy with craftsmanship and the most innovative avant-garde techniques in the treatment of raw materials. The result of’s daily commitment leads to the creation of transversal collections, characterised by originality and attention to detail, aimed at increasingly demanding women in search of exclusivity.

Within the collections, ethnic bijoux made in a creative and imaginative way play a central role. Strictly Made in Italy, the bijoux represent an effective integration of creativity and style. Matter, colours, shapes and volumes are the result of a perfect balance of style and art. They constitute a product of excellence in which a perfect synergy between creativity and technological know-how is realised.

Where to buy NO.NU bijoux in Milan

If you are looking for bijoux in Milan you can visit NO.NU bijoux boutique, where you will find the best Art Bijoux creations in Milan, or have a look at the “Buy online” section of Daniele Giovani’s website.