This brand developed from the inspiration Claudio Orciani, and it has become a point of reference for the Italian manufacture of purses and accessories that are creative and sophisticated. The story of Claudio Orciani began in January 1979 when he was 23 years old and made a belt with a piece of leather he got from a shoemaker.

At that point he began a creative journey to develop something that went beyond the trends of the moment. Even with the very first products he launched on the market, the Orciani brand has been distinguished for its spirit of innovation which is unequalled. The DNA of the brand was developed piece by piece. It is dynamic, anti-conformist and creative with quality materials and a passion for quality artisan workmanship as reflects the best of Italian productions. In the meantime Orciani created the first purses and once again experimented with unusual shapes and techniques. The leather is top quality and the exclusive vegetable tanning process is performed by the best Italian tanneries.

This story became a large business project. The essential components may be defined as “the challenge of the material” which refers to the leather and how from season to season, the knowledge of it grows alongside the ability and virtuosity  that represent the true know-how of Orciani. That is followed by “workmanship and innovation” which stand for continuous and constant experimentation over time. That is all accompanied by the “passion” of Claudio Orciani which he has transmitted to all his collaborators who continue to push the brand towards the future.

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