Pollini shoes, history of a proud Made in Italy brand

The production of Pollini bags and shoes began in 1953 in the Pollini shoe factory in San Mauro Pascoli in Romagna, a famous Made in Italy footwear district. In a short time the brand gained notoriety by starting production on an industrial scale.

Success became definitive with the first “themed” collections: the most famous is the “Daytona” collection, which includes Pollini lace-up boots and Pollini sporty-elegant footwear. This line thus became the spokesperson for a unique and defined style, so much so that it was exhibited at the Museum of Fashion in New York.

The growth of Pollini footwear continued unabated and in 2000 Pollini shoes were acquired by the prestigious luxury group AEFFE.

In the Fall-Winter 2013 season Pollini shoes celebrates its 60th anniversary with a collection of particular models, re-proposing the famous Pollini knight boot giving it a vintage touch.

Today’s cornerstones on which Pollini scarpe focuses its production are the stylistic codes of contemporaneity, craftsmanship excellence, quality. The daywear concept is rethought with the use of fine materials, clean lines and strongly identifying details.

This perspective brings to the forefront the essential values of Made in Italy on which the creations entrusted to the stylist Erminio Cerbone, a professional with long experience in the world of fashion and luxury who has been able to interpret the historical languages of the brand with the most current trends.

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