In the early 1980s Giancarlo Nevola, passionate about design and architecture, decided to create belts and small leather items that were quickly appreciated for their quality and refined aesthetic.

After working with major Italian luxury accessory brands, in 1984 he founded his own brand: Reptile’s house, through which, especially through its bags, he expressed his personal vision of fashion accessories.

The success of the brand led to its presence in the best stores in Milan and Italy in general. The principal feature of Reptile’s house bags is the combination of contemporary taste, craftsmanship and functionality.

The common thread that links the bags is the choice of top-quality natural raw materials processed and finished by hand by expert craftsmen. Each bag is a unique example, guaranteeing a crafted product made in Italy of the highest quality.

The success of the Reptile’s house brand has grown over time and, in the 2000s, its bags are featured in the best boutiques in the world.

The Reptile’s house bags, as we have said, are hand-crafted. Once the design is established, the raw material is shaped and subjected to different processes: tooling, lasering, printing or braiding according to the desired effect.

After assembling all the components, including zips and inserts, the bags move on to the next steps, such as washing, pre-dyeing and dyeing the whole bag. Finally, the colour is defined by overlaying unrepeatable shades.

After special treatments that enhance softness and colour, the Reptile’s house bags take on a vintage look. Finally, careful supervision of the finished product ensures that the bags are perfect in every detail.