Reptile House handbags, sophisticated accessories for the refined woman

Let me tell you the story of Reptile’s house women’s handbags.

In the early 1980s, Giancarlo Nevola, a design and architecture enthusiast, decided to create belts and small leather goods that were soon appreciated for their quality and refined aesthetics.

After collaborating with important Italian luxury accessory names, he founded his own brand in 1984: Reptile’s house, through which he expresses his personal vision of fashion accessories, especially bags.

The brand’s success led to its distribution in the best shops in Milan and Italy in general.

The main characteristic of Reptile’house bags is the combination of contemporary taste, craftsmanship and functionality.

The common thread running through the bags is the choice of fine natural raw materials processed and finished by hand by expert craftsmen.

Each bag is an exclusive specimen, a guarantee of a high quality, handcrafted product made in Italy.

The success of the Reptile’s house brand gradually increased and, in the 2000s, its bags were distributed in the world’s best boutiques.

Reptile’s house bags, as we have said, are handcrafted.

Once the design is established, the raw material is moulded and subjected to different processes: carving, laser cutting, printing or weaving, depending on the desired effect.

After the assembly of all the components, including zips and inserts, the bags move on to the next stages, such as washing, pre-dyeing and garment dyeing.

Finally, the colour is defined by superimposing unrepeatable nuances.

After special treatments that enhance softness and colour, the Reptile’s house bags take on a vintage look.

In the end, careful supervision of the finished product ensures that the bags are perfect in every part.

Where to buy Reptile House bags Milan

If you are looking for Reptile House accessories in Milan you can visit Daniele Giovani’s luxury boutique, inside you will find the best Reptile House bags!

If you are looking for an online shop you can have a look at the Buy Now section of the website.