Vic Matie’: bags, shoes, sandals, boots and other fine accessories

Vic Matiè is a brand born from the Linea Marche shoe factory, established in the province of Ancona in 1972 and capable of producing particularly popular footwear lines. Today, Vic Matié shoes are in fact known all over the world.

The Vic Matié brand was launched in 1987 and success was immediate. Vic Matié has been able to ride the new evolution of the Marche company’s passion and expertise, becoming an international symbol of Made in Italy.

Vic Matié’s proposals are avant-garde, dedicated to an active, sensual, instinctive, glamorous and sometimes aggressive woman. Strong is the use of innovative and experimental materials, such as iron and rubber, which characterise many of the famous brand’s creations.

Since last season, the creative director, Silvia Curzi, has been deepening the brand’s identity by transforming shapes and structures into icons and using the concepts of repetition and declination.

Vic Matie catalogue: shoes, boots, sandals and bags by material

RUBBER: material with which Vic Matié was founded in 1987. Best seller are the one-piece soles.
ARTISAN CRAFT: represents the know-how of the Vic Matié brand’s artisan heritage: it features geometric shapes and variations on the Texan theme and is mainly declined in the famous Vic Matie sandals or Vic Matie ankle boots.
BLACK CARPET: this is the distinctive area of Vic Matié’s production and demands a woman with a strong, leading personality. Metal is the material found in the pure steel bar heels and the new cigarette heel.
More recently, a line of hand-crafted Vic Matie bags has been added with care, finishes, plating and hypermodern effects that can recall those of the shoe collections. The use of fine and experimental leather in Vic Matie bags gives them an unmistakable expressiveness.

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Vic Matie prices

In the Vic Matie online shop on the website, prices start at 160 euro and go up to 290 euro for Vic Matiè ankle boots.