Vic Matié is a brand created by the Linea Marche shoe company which was founded in Ancona in 1972 and has created especially popular lines of footwear.

From there, in 1987 the brand Vic Matié was created and it was immediately successful. Vic Matié was able to grab onto the new evolution of passion and skill in this company from the Marche region to become international symbol of Italian excellence.

Vic Matié designs are cutting-edge and dedicated to active, sensual, instinctive, glamorous women who are at times aggressive. There is a widespread use of innovative and experimental materials such as steel and rubber, which characterise many of the creations by the famous brand.

Since the last season, creative director Silvia Curzi has been working on the brand identity transforming the shapes and structures into icons and using the concepts of repetition and variation.

The collections can be divided into three areas:

RUBBER: the material with which Vic Matié debuted in 1987: the best sellers are the  monoblock soles.

ARTISAN CRAFT: represents the artisanal patrimony and skill behind the Vic Matié brand with geometric shapes and variations on the Texan theme used in sabots, sandals, ankle boots, lace-ups and moccasins.

BLACK CARPET: is the distinctive area of Vic Matié products for women with a strong personality who are protagonists. Metal is used in the pure steel bar heel and the new stiletto heels.

More recently a line of purses has been added to the Vic Matié collections. Made by artisans with care, the finishing and plating and super modern effects are reminiscent of the shoe collections. The use of top quality leather and experimentation gives Vic Matié purses a distinct expressiveness.

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