With autumn now in full swing, in addition to coats and heavier sweaters, it is time to pull out of the closet the bags more in line with seasonal trends. Guaranteed to be stylish are the bags by Caterina Lucchi, in which practicality is combined with refinement: true objects of desire in which theromantic appearance, with a vintage flavor, is combined with the modernity and trends.

Caterina Lucchi, a brief history of the Brand

From 1986 to the present, the historic Italian leather goods brand, founded by the eponymous designer Caterina Lucchi, has dominated the scene with its unique creations, known for the‘very high quality of the materials used. Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi S.p.A. for more than 30 years has distinguished itself in the production of leather bags and accessories, in the sign of Made in Italy.

The models of the historic signature make it possible to have a key piece in the closet, with attention to every detail and refined elegance. These are not lacking in the luxury accessories catalog of
Daniel Young

Bags by Caterina Lucchi, the dreamy models

There are many models of handbags most in vogue this autumn-winter season, so much to suit all tastes. Among those proposed by Caterina Lucchi, not to be missed.
the coated cotton handbag with double handles.

A circular model suitable for both daytime and evening wear, it features an adjustable shoulder strap. Made of calfskin and fabric, it is distinguished by a vintage style capable of declining perfectly with the trends of the moment, thus creating a contemporary play of contrasts.

Fall-winter fashion: the proposals of Daniele Giovani

When it comes to larger sizes, again this year the maxi bags continue to dominate the scene. Appreciated for their capacity, yet without sacrificing style, they are ideal for those who are away from home all day.

In this vein, the bag to focus on is the
multicolored striped leather shopping bag
. Seventies-inspired, it is perfect for those who adore colorful and spirited outfits. Equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap-which can be removed-and zipper closure, it makes even the simplest outfit unique.

If in addition to the purse you are looking for a new wallet, countless are the proposals by Caterina Lucchi: among them the
wallet in beige calfskin
with zipper closure, capacious and timeless in style, and the one
perforated in pink leather
with a romantic mood.

To choose the designer handbag and wallet Caterina Lucchi with which to spend an autumn in style, rely on Daniele Giovani Milano: browse her online shop to discover the models of his fall-winter 2022/23 collection or visit his boutique.