Made in Italy, luxury and craftsmanship. This and much more is the Daniele Giovani Boutique, a showcase in which to be inspired by uniquely designed fine accessories of the highest quality. A tasteful environment where the customer is welcomed with a personalized service, far from the prevailing concept of increasingly aseptic stores, now one a photocopy of the other. From 2014 to the present, luxury and multi-brand boutique Daniele Giovani has established itself as a fashion landmark, becoming one of Milan’s most popular handbag stores. If the shoes and bags are the absolute stars in this luxury living room, at the same time there is no shortage of women’s accessories of all kinds such as scarves, wallets, perfumes and bijoux.

Tradition, experimentation and sophisticated design serve as the common thread in his proposals, which are united by one key element: thecraftsmanship.

Milan handbag stores: Boutique Daniele Giovani, where elegance meets experimentation

Located in Milan, in Corso Genova 13, the Daniele Giovani Boutique came to life through the vision of its namesake founder. Always passionate about fashion, architecture and craftsmanship, Milanese Fashion Buyer and Shoes Designer,
Daniele Giovani
in 2014 founded his Boutique in the city where he was born and raised.

Year after year, the space has established itself on the Milan scene as a creative atelier where coexisting historical brands and emerging fashion designers.

Daniele Giovani’s goal is to be a spokesman for Made in Italy to preserve theproduction excellence of Italian districts, opposing the relocation and outward transfer of investments aimed at productive innovation. In the Boutique, to which his
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, there are renowned Made in Italy brands such as Pollini, Orciani, Loriblu, Vic Matié, Luciano Padovan, Greymer and many more.

Daniele Giovani meticulously selects proposals with timeless elegance, without neglecting a look at the seasonal trends. Its accessories allow it to meet the needs of the most refined women who are looking for a delicate luxury.

At the top of the list of the best
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, with its proposals gives any look a touch of timeless style, declined perfectly with the trends of the moment. All thanks to fine accessories of the highest quality, perfect for any occasion, from morning to evening.

Craftsmanship blends with the contemporary in the Daniele Giovani Boutique

Upon entering the Daniele Giovani’s luxurious boutique one is welcomed into a precious space with attention to every detail. Characterized by contemporary elegance, its interior juxtaposes 19th-century furniture with designer pieces and antique materials as well as handcrafted glassware with linear furnishings.

The essentiality of ivory and taupe is contrasted in Daniele Giovani’s workshop with touches of red, confirming the mix of tradition and innovation: captivating and welcoming spaces are thus created, perfect for hosting accessories in the sign of luxury.

If you are a fashion lover the
Daniele Giovani Milan Boutique
Is an unmissable stop. Be inspired by its sophisticated atmosphere and high fashion offerings for an emotional shopping experience.