I was born on a May evening in Milan during the 80s. It was a magical time when Italian fashion was expressing the flair and innovation of its greatest talents promoting products Made in Italy throughout the world’s major markets.

Some spark from this magical “effervescent” time must have reached my deepest essence and that is possibly why I became interested in fashion. I received my degree in “Fashion Design” from the Milan Polytechnic and later I studied styling in Paris refining the international vision of my aesthetic sense.

I have always been fascinated by the design and creation of the best fashion accessories: shoes, purses, perfumes and all of the style elements that I consider to be an extension of the self, key points in the creation and development of our image, and as the extra touch that enriches even the simplest outfit recreating it and adapting it to suit any occasion.

Accessories allow for the maximum expression of design innovation, ability and traditional artisan expertise. I am amazed at the beauty and creativity that can be found in a purse, a shoe, a belt or a scarf and I find that innovation in accessories frequently rests on traces from the past.

I have always considered the various moments of searching for and selecting accessories with great interest in order to create new and refined fashion solutions. That is why I decided to dedicate myself to working as a Fashion Buyer adding the themes of marketing and branding to my skill sets. I specialised in marketing and fashion communications at IULM University in Milan concluding my studies with a master-level course in “Design Management” at IED.