Well yes, it can be done. Starting from the fashion shows of the most renowned footwear brands to street style, the ankle boots with socks combo has finally been cleared through customs and has become one of the hottest trends of the season.

Within the wide offer of Daniele Giovani Milano you will be able to find a selection of the best Vic Matie’ ankle boots: let’s see together which Vic Matie footwear is perfect to match with a pair of visible socks.

Ankle boots with socks: the hottest trend of the moment

This fall, the absolute trend will undoubtedly be wearing ankle boots with exposed socks. A nostalgic trend of the early 2000s, it has made a comeback by breathing new life into a combo thought to belong solely to the past.

As temperatures drop, socks and knee socks come in more handy than ever. In addition to making walking more comfortable and warming the extremities of the body, they are an accessory with which it is possible to create innovative outfits that were previously unimaginable.

To follow the trend appropriately and avoid making choices that could backfire on you, it is essential to know how to wear and pair ankle boots and socks. Let’s look together at the proposals of Daniele Giovani Milano.

Vic Matie ankle boots, Daniele Giovani Milano’s proposal to keep up with the trends

To follow the ankle boots with socks trend, Vic Matie’ shoes and footwear are the perfect solution.

Daniel’s first proposal is the black crust ankle boot from Vic Matie. Made of split leather and rubber, it is ideal for total black or generally more neutral outfits. To chase the ankle boots with socks trend, you could choose to pair it with an exposed black sock or a colorful sock to match the sweater or jacket being worn.

Alternatively, Daniele proposes the Beige Suede Sculpted Heel Boot, an elegant but suitable for any situation footwear with which you can follow the example of the last Hermès fashion show. Pairing the suede ankle boot with a beige or white ankle sock will make it possible to create a seamless effect that gives elegance, seriousness and glamour to the woman who has figured out how to best interpret the latest fall-winter 2022/23 fashion trends.

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