Timeless, prestigious and with a timeless style. Handcrafted bags are an asset to invest in to secure a key piece in your wardrobe capable of accompanying year after year.

Emblem of femininity, they represent an essential accessory for every woman: declined in multiple shapes, sizes and styles, they express the personality of the wearer.

In choosing the most suitable luxury bag for self-expression, it is first of all necessary to ensure that it is versatile and not tied to the fashions of the moment. In addition, it is good to focus on colors and sizes that suit your style.

Handcrafted bags, works of art in which style blends with quality: Daniele Giovani’s proposals

Among the products selected by Daniele Giovani is the wide range of handcrafted bags in which Made in Italy craftsmanship blends with contemporary design.

Models characterized by an extraordinary quality of the materials used, including fine leathers, elegant fabrics and innovative materials, perfect finishes and attention to every detail. All this is combined with a timeless yet original design.

Among these, the bags of Caterina Lucchi stand out, a Made in Italy brand born in 1986 whose creations are real works of art with a retro style, designed for contemporary and tenacious women. Bags of the highest quality, are the result of a continuous search for a mix of styles and materials.

Handcrafted bags: quality of materials and attention to every detail to show off timeless Made in Italy jewels

Another unmissable brand is Orciani , born in 1979 and destined to establish itself year after year in the panorama of bags and accessories. Creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, experimentation and quality are the common thread to the history of this brand whose creations are considered real jewels of Made in Italy.

Giaquinto is another brand with incredible creations: a family-run brand created with the aim of packaging bags for third parties, it then established itself on the market with its production with a unique and refined design. With minimal lines, its models adapt to any style.

Timeless then the bags of Bianchi and Nardi 1946 , a brand that is the fruit of the talent of Florentine artisans, born in 1946. His models are made with very fine leathers , such as crocodile and ostrich, and with artisanal techniques.

To discover all the bags selected by Daniele Giovani , immerse yourself in his online shop or take a trip to his Milanese boutique . Both online and offline you will find models made by strictly Italian brands that combine craftsmanship and experimentation to create unique and unmissable accessories.