The entrepreneurial history of the Rossetti family begins in 1953 when Renzo Rossetti and his wife Lisetta decided to create their own family business. The first major change came a few years later, in 1958, when they abandon the sports footwear market to devote themselves to leather ones. The 1960s, on the other hand, represented a fundamental stage in the history of the Rossetti family, able to understand that the whole world was breathing in the air of change and that footwear also followed this trend. This is how new materials such as python and vegetable leathers are adopted. These will be the years of moccasins destined to contrast shoes with classic shapes.


Brera moccasin: a symbol of elegance and innovation from the 1960s

Brera is an elegant district of Milan, also known as “the artists’ quarter”, where in the 1960s painters, writers and sculptors gathered to create their works to leave an indelible mark on history. The Brera moccasin is inspired by this neighborhood and its creativity, capable of going beyond stereotypes and developing a new sense of freedom.

This innovative message, at times unconventional, can be found in many shoes by the Rossetti Brothers , especially in the Hobo sneakers . The Daniele Giovani Milano catalog includes collections with a classic style but in step with the latest trends by Fratelli Rossetti: from moccasins, through décolleté, boots and much more.


How to wear the Fratelli Rossetti moccasins with style?

I begin by telling you that moccasins are not only an evergreen for the summer season, but can also be worn in spring and autumn. They are perfect for work outfits but also for more casual occasions. The main rule to best match the Fratelli Rossetti moccasins is to avoid wearing them with pants that are too wide, but at the same time do not exaggerate with the adherence, because even pants that are too tight are not suitable for this type of shoe. Classic jeans and fabrics are perfect as long as they have a straight leg.

As for the length of the trousers, on the other hand, the ideal would be that the hem touches the shoe at its highest part, while on the hottest days it would be perfect to combine them with Bermuda shorts. In this case the best solution is to focus on tailored and elegant Bermuda shorts. For a more chic touch, however, moccasins with a medium heel are perfect to make your outfit more elegant. In the choice of colors you can indulge yourself, since moccasins are an icon of the casual style, you can opt for less traditional colors, and also with patterns, as in the case of the Brera Tutti Frutti moccasin.

The moccasins as well as other shoes made by the Rossetti brothers can be found on my e-shop .