What to wear on a first date? This is a common dilemma that often leads to staying in front of the wardrobe for hours without finding a solution. The choice of the outfit for the first date can cause agitation, increasing the anxiety already dictated by the meeting, perhaps long overdue.

If the dress does not make the monk, however the first impression counts and it is therefore advisable to play in advance by choosing a look with which to attract attention.

In the range of products selected by Daniele Giovani, a Milanese luxury entrepreneur, there are countless solutions with which to carry out this mission by relying on brands of exceptional quality and unique style .


Tips for the first date: what to avoid to be flawless.

To be flawless during the first date it is good to take care of the look in every detail , avoiding making common mistakes. Among these, do not evaluate the context in advance: the outfit will have to be adapted according to the type of occasion that lies ahead.

In general, it is good to avoid both too eccentric looks , putting aside for example vertiginous heels, especially if you are unfamiliar with wearing them, but also too sporty , leaving the suit in the closet.

Yes to highlight your body, but without exaggerating : if you focus on your legs wearing a dress, no plunging necklines.

The ideal is to wear a feminine combination , but at the same time not too flashy, which highlights your charm by making you feel at ease.


First date, outfit ideas with which to attract attention.

When choosing the outfit for the first date, don’t forget the right accessories . A timeless little black dress is perfect for luxury clothing , which can be made even more refined when combined with feminine shoes such as Antonio Marras décolleté , with an 8 cm heel, made of leather and embellished with a suede bow. For lovers of a sporty chic style, the Pollini ankle boots are ideal, in black suede with a 6 cm heel, perfect both with a dress and with a pair of trousers.

The choice of the bag, the element with which to give an extra touch to any look: impossible not to mention the hand model made by the brand Giaquinto, an accessory in which quality and design come together, which thanks to its great versatility fits perfectly with both suits and jacket and trouser combinations.

In addition, accessories such as bijoux and belts make the difference: the Reptile’s House model is not to be missed, in dark brown suede, to be worn over a dress or a coat so as to highlight the waistline.

Finally, two drops of perfume will make the outfit definitely irresistible. Vanilla Eau de Parfum by Nobile 1942 “ Perdizione ” Supreme Fragrance is perfect to trigger a real love at first sight.

To choose the outfit for the first date, trust Daniele Giovani in his boutique and in his online shop you will find the solution to make your look truly overwhelming.