Unique fragrances in which craftsmanship, quality and innovation come together as one. Nobile 1942 is a perfume brand, an expression of Made in Italy , behind which lies a family history , now in its third generation.

Year after year, the guiding thread of this brand has been the great passion for the universe of fragrances of its founders. Stunning fragrances resulting from an in-depth study and a mix of ingredients to give life to breathtaking results such as Perdizione , the fragrance of the must-have brand.

This adds to the countless creations made over time by the brand whose origins lie in the past. It all started in the thirties thanks to Umberto Nobile , founder of his own perfumery together with his wife.

Same fate for his children, both owners of two perfumeries, and then for his nephew Massimo who carried on this tradition, venturing into an even greater challenge .

Alongside his wife Stefania Giannino he has created an unconventional perfume brand, capable of bringing the artisan tradition and the Italian elegance of Made in Italy all over the world.

Perdizione Nobile 1942: an irresistible fragrance to amaze your beloved

Among the creations of Nobile 1942 the supreme fragrance Perdizione stands out, created in collaboration with Daniele Giovani. A captivating vanilla Supreme Fragrance with which to leave enchanted. Fruit of a mix of unique ingredients such as vanilla, neroli, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, its note is irresistible .

In addition to its oder

Nobile 1942, a symphony of unique fragrances to attract attention

In addition to the Perdizione perfume, there are countless creations of the Nobile 1942 brand distinguished by the attention to every detail, the continuous experimentation and the use of quality materials, typical of the territory.

Handcrafted, hand-packaged with great dedication, the perfumes of Nobile 1942 are the emblem of Made in Italy . In the range of products of Daniele Giovani, fashion buyer and designer of high-end accessories, these precious fragrances and expressions of Italian craftsmanship are inevitable.

By spraying the perfumes of Nobile 1942 , the attention is attracted, bewitching in all circumstances as well as surprising one’s beloved.

To learn more about the Nobile 1942 perfume collections, you can discover them on Daniele Giovani’s online shop or test them at his Milanese boutique .