The bags of the Caleido line by Orciani best express the lightness and pastel colors of spring. A wave of “carefree” that is good for the soul. Made of textured tie-dye leather, they recall spring blooms creating an innovative and romantic effect. Of this line of bags the colors that I prefer and that you can find on my e-shop are pink and jeans, two contrasting shades that recall the “rebirth” of spring. From the Caleido line of Orciani bags, also on my e-shop, you can find 2 models: the iconic Sveva medium bag by Orciani and the cute mini bags perfect to wear when you want to be elegant but practical.

The tie dye effect recreated on the hammered leather of the bags from the Caleido line by Orciani takes its cue from the traditional technique with which the knotted fabric dipped in the dye took an irregular color made up of stains and chromatic halos. Tie dye has its roots in Egypt and Mesopotamia, also known in India, South America and Japan. In Japanese culture it was known as shibori, a method of processing that prevented the dye from reaching certain parts of the fabric, thus creating psychedelic patterns and free forms. Tie dye has been practiced for over 2000 years all over the world and today it shines again among the new fashion trends.

Orciani, as always, managed to amaze us by recreating this tie dye effect on the textured vegetable tanned leather of the Caleido line bags. A totally eco-friendly innovation that creates a meeting point between past and present.

The bags of the Caleido Line by Orciani, refined and practical, can be worn on any occasion, giving a little lightness and harmony typical of spring.

Impossible to leave behind the sadness of winter and lockdowns!