A long white beach, with a semicircular shape enclosed between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo, characterizes the town of Mondello. Very famous for its beach, for its art nouveau villas and for a thousand other reasons, it is one of the most famous beaches in Sicily.

The sand is fine, white with pink hues near the shoreline. Similar to Caribbean beaches, it is formed by the decomposition of molluscs that live in the middle of the gulf in a forest of algae. And it is precisely this alga in the winter storms that covers the shore and assumes a fundamental importance for the ecosystem of the Mondello beach.

The two promontories delimit the bay at the ends and constitute natural reserves that make the landscape extremely different on the two sides.

Mondello is characterized by the presence of numerous art nouveau villas, often the work of the architect Ernesto Basile, which are famous as an expression of the best art nouveau architecture in Italy and Europe. These elegant houses feature columns, friezes, paintings and floral motifs often accompanied by plants and flowers.

Many accommodation facilities, private clubs, nautical clubs, restaurants and shops characterize the locality. The small port and the old art nouveau bathhouse with the prestigious restaurant that today, having abandoned the famous name of Charleston, has taken on the more modern one of “Alle terrazze”, are true symbols of Mondello.

I was on the beach in the early hours of the day and I enjoyed the beauty, the colors of the sea and the scents of the vegetation that Mondello offers. In the afternoon I preferred to stroll in the shade of the palm groves and the splendid gardens of the famous art nouveau villas in Mondello.

I was also struck by the variety of greenery that characterizes the citrus, olive and carob woods that cover Mount Gallo and Mount Pellegrino as they slope down towards the sea until they dive right where the embrace with the sky takes place.

A true Eden!